Monday, 14 March 2011

Q1 Update

My new sci-fi story Life Force will be published in Weirdyear on April 11th: Titus Rosario and Misha Hadrian are approaching planet Intaglio in Universal Architects Zero with plans for colonisation, except that Misha has started talking to an invisible elephant.

My latest novel, working title The Marquis, is finally complete. I started it in August 08 and although I changed its original setting, it's still the same idea I started with. I tried many other ideas since my first novel, but never completed anything. However, The Marquis stayed the course.

I have several other stories on the go. There's a second sci-fi noir story where Chandler's Philip Marlowe will be working on another disturbing case in dystopia, and there's a truly odd case of animalism gone mad that's close to fruition.