Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Attack!!!! 13 Is Out Now - only £2 including postage!

Issue 13 of Attack!!!!, inspired by Gethan Dick's piece "Mouth", was launched by Wes White at the Attack!!!!tacular event on July 4th and is now available to buy online.

'Mouth' - a spell for fixing broken heads - is reprinted at the start of this issue, and Gethan also designed the cover.

Ruth Moog Baker, Lawrence Bradby, Johanna van Fessem, Sophie Hanson, Jared Konopitski, Steve Leighton, Myriam G.S. Mestiaen, Alastair McInnes, Chris Murray, Erica Viola and Wes White all feature with original writing and artwork inspired by Gethan.

Click the link above for more details or go straight to the relevant shop page here -

- to order it.

Back issues also available there.

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